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What We Offer


Negotiation Assistance

iRecycle iReuse officers help to reduce the cost of waste management and negotiate a fair price for your produce. We make sure we only use reputable companies and have all the correct documentation for transporting waste within the UK and the EU.

Safe Process

Our approach guarantees a safe and appropriate process of removing your product, ensuring that materials are removed and transported correctly. We use our expertise in recycled waste and wide range of recycling services to help provide a cost-effective solution. We have excellent knowledge of what vendors are willing to offer and we will look further afield to make sure we are getting competitive prices for you that is cost affective.



We offer our skills and knowledge to give good support to our customers and we understand our customers’ needs. We believe that communication and transparency is the key to our success. By having good communication, we create processes that will provide our customers with the desired results.

Cost Reduction

Haulier fees can be very costly which is why we work hand in hand with several transport organisations to help lower the cost, as well as achieving a good price for your product and efficiency in collection of your product.